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Assembly member Seyarto Introduces His Government Reform Bill Package

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SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblymember Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) has introduced his 2022 Government Reform Bill Package to bring more clarity and accountability to California’s state government. AB 1687 clarifies that the governor’s use of emergency powers must be related to the emergency conditions. Current law gives the governor broad authority to suspend any regulation or statute during the State of Emergency. While it is assumed that these emergency powers are authorized for responding to the extraordinary conditions of a specific crisis, the law does not explicitly limit these powers. “This legislation would clarify that the governor’s emergency powers are focused and limited to responding to the conditions of a specific emergency,” said Seyarto. “This ensures the accountability and integrity of these powers and safeguards them from being misused as a politically expedient tool.” AB 1693 would require an elected state official who is the subject of a recall to comply with campaign contribution limits. Currently, the Political Reform Act imposes limits on contributions to candidates for state office, however, these limits do not apply to contributions made to a current officeholder who is facing a recall election. “This bill closes a loophole and holds elected officials to the same standards as their challengers,” said Seyarto. “It ensures that politicians who are running to keep their jobs cannot receive campaign contributions from special interest groups beyond the existing limits applicable to candidates running to replace them.” AB 1711 would hold government agencies to the same data breach reporting requirements as contractors and private entities to ensure the best notification practices to the public. This includes submitting a report to the Department of Justice and posting a public notification on their website. “By requiring government agencies to report these data breaches, the public can know when and where their personal information was potentially stolen,” said Seyarto. “The earlier notice someone has of potential identity theft, the better the chance they have in stopping any long term or serious impact.” Seyarto has also introduced HR 83, which proclaims the week of September 17 to 24, 2022, as Constitution Week to commemorate the Constitution of the United States and encourages all Californians to reflect on its importance to our nation.